Assistive Equip-Recreation

The NDIA is currently reviewing its approach to recreational equipment.  The support items incorporate aids and equipment to assist participants in undertaking competitive and non-competitive sports and other recreational pursuits. And includes switch adapated toys.


Hearing Equipment

Everyday use products with specific features that address hearing limitations. 


Assistive Prod - Household Task 

This category includes all assistive technology supports that assist participants to live independently or assist a carer to support the participant. It also includes related assessment, set-up and training support items performed by assistive technology suppliers.


Comms & Info Equip

The aids and equipment  are to assist participants with alternate communication or to access written or spoken communication through electronic or other means.  Eg Visual Schedules, PODDs


Assistive Prod - Pers Care/Safety

This category includes assistive technology for personal care or safety, including beds and pressure mattresses, toilet and bathroom equipment, specialised clothing and continence needs.


Stripes Special Needs Resources are registered under categories:

- Assistive Equipment - Recreation

- Hearing Equipment

- Comms & Info Equipment

- Assistive Prod - Household Task

- Assistive Prod-Pers Care/Safety


Provider Registration Number 4050041561 


There are different methods to process your order depending on your setup.

Self Managed - simply order, pay and submit your online claim

Plan Managed - add your items to the cart, submit the order via "manual payment".  Once received we will send an invoice to you which you can then forward onto your plan manager.  Alternatively we can send the invoice to them on your behalf. .  Once payment has been made, we will process the order for you


NDIA Managed - add your items to the cart, submit the order via "manual payment".  Once received we will send you the necessary documentation to complete and when this is returned to us, we will then be able to process the order for you.

For more information, download the NDIS Participant Fact Sheet for Assistive Technology


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