ARK's Weighted Spoon is an innovative tool recommended for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control. The spoon's weight and textured handle provide added sensory input to the hand during self-feeds. This proprioceptive feedback helps increase focus, movement, and stability.


The Weighted Spoon comes with 1 aluminum handpiece, 1 Weighted Tip, and 1 Spoon Tip. The non-vibratory spoon measures approximately 5 inches in length and is easy for small hands to manage. Choose which spoon tip(s) you would like from the pull-down menu above. The Soft Spoon Tips are recommended for individuals with a bite reflex, and the Textured Spoon Tips help transition individuals from puréed foods.


Please note: the handpiece is compatible with all of the tips for the Z-Vibe®. However, it is not compatible with the spare parts for the Z-Vibe® and therefore can NOT be made to vibrate.  If you would like the vibratory version of this spoon, click here.

ARK's weighted spoon (non vibratory)