The Playaway Toy 3 Piece Combo includes a Support Bar, Strap Swing, & a Trapeze Bar. This package is a great solution for children that need to release energy while indoors. All you need is a doorframe!

The Playaway Toy Support Bar installs in just a few seconds by twisting it into place. The O Rings on the Support Bar fit into grooves to keep the attachment in the correct place on the Support Bar while your child is swinging. There is also a Safety Collar which acts as a secondary safety measure to keep the attachment in place. The best part is that you can still close the door with the Support Bar installed. No need to take it down at the end of the day!

The Swing allows your child to swing back and forth. This helps to build muscles in the arms, legs and stomach. The Strap Swing also provides vestibular input to your child’s body – swinging back and forth. 
The Trapeze Bar can be used can be used with just the bar, or bar and the handles togethe

Indoor Swing Set