The Jari Activstool's are the ideal way to stay focused. 

It has been proven that movement stimulates attention and arousal. With the Activstool it is impossible to sit. You are constantly moving with its rotating convex base. it is like a tripod, your own two legs act as two parts and the stools base is the third. Which means you are constantly flexing, adjusting and moving increasing concentration and focus.

These stools have been proven to work as an aid for children who struggle to stay focused, they are also a necessity for learning with children who need to be constantly doing something or fidgeting. 

The Adjustable height on these stools makes them perfect for small children to adults. Also making them a perfect addition to your height adjustable standing desk.

No need to purchase various sizes of stools any longer with the one stool acting in all sizes!

Height adjustable from 400mm-500mm


Jari Activstool