A Sensory tool that Stretches the Imagination This Space Explorer is the ultimate body stocking that has loads of fun potential in every stretch Space explorers allow children and young adults to jump, crawl, and pretend while improving sensory integration. Made from a comfortable 'resistive' material, the Space Explorer suit provides calming deep pressure, heavy work and proprioceptive input. This fun suit helps children develop spatial and body awareness, muscle strength, motor planning and creativity. The head can be placed outside or inside the Space Explorer. Stretch Lycra provides heavy work and resistance through movement and deep calming pressure. Good for tactile defensive children, sensory seekers and crashers (including children and tweens with autism)

For ages 3+

Note when measuring for the correct size, measure from shoulders to feet then size up or down to the closest size.


Space Explorers

  • Machine wash in cold water

    Line dry

  • Do not cover head for prolonged periods of time.

    Do not use for sleeping.

    Do not place in crib/cot with infant.

    Use with adult supervision