Wiggles, Be Gone!
Children who have the wiggles can easily find their place on our Wiggle Cushion, a cross between a ball chair and a seat cushion. Inflate it to the max to stimulate balance and core work, or deflate to use as a seat cushion that encourages movement. It features a smooth surface on one side and slightly raised "bumps" on the other so you can choose between receiving tactile input or sitting on a smooth surface.
Provides balance therapy and tactile input
Great for kids with sensory processing and focus challenges to improve focus
Ages 3 - teen

Wiggle Concerntration Cushion

SKU: BA1882
  • 15" diameter

    Made from PVC


    Inflates in seconds. Cushion can be blown up to 3.5" high (for a less stable, firm, rounded cushion) by straw (not included), mouth or hand pump